AirShow San Diego

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AirShow San Diego
GenreAir show
VenueGillespie Field
Location(s)El Cajon, California
Organized byCommemorative Air Force

AirShow San Diego formerly Wings Over Gillespie is primarily an air show usually held the first weekend in June at Gillespie Field in El Cajon, California. It is conducted by the San Diego wing (Air Group One) of the Commemorative Air Force.[1][2] It is a regular stop for many "warbirds" that make the airshow circuit each year, including the CAF's B-17 Flying Fortress Sentimental Journey. In recent years the air show has shown a larger number of flying demonstrations at what was at one time a mostly static air show. The June 2016 event will not be held and will return June 2017.[1]

Propeller fighter on tarmac with pilot standing up in open cockpit. Red star
Soviet Yakovlev Yak-9UM at eighth annual Wings over Gillespie
Closeup of bomber on tarmac with two older men, one in a wheelchair looking on
B-25 Mitchell
View of left instrument panel and unusual stick and throttle controls
Cockpit of a V-22 Osprey at the 2012 airshow
Grumman TBF Avenger on the tarmac at the 2012 airshow

Gillespie Field is also the home of the San Diego Air & Space Museum Gillespie Field Annex. Housing their restoration department and auxiliary display of their extended collection of military aircraft and Atlas ICBM missile.[3][4]


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