Gladstone (electoral district)

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Gladstone is a former provincial electoral division in the Canadian province of Manitoba. It was created in 1879 in what was then the province's western tip, with the expansion of the province's western boundary, and eliminated by redistribution in 1881. It was re-established in 1903 (primarily from the old riding of Westbourne) and was not abolished again until 1999.

The Gladstone riding was primarily rural, and its MLAs, regardless of party affiliation, were generally regarded as representatives of the farming community. The Manitoba Liberal Party dominated until that party lost most of its rural base in 1969; after this, it was effectively safe for the Progressive Conservative Party.

MLA William Morton was re-elected by acclamation in every provincial election from 1941 to 1953.

List of provincial representatives[edit]

Name Party Took office Left office
Corydon Brown Governing Coalition/Liberal 1879 1883
David Wilson Cons 1903 1907
James Armstrong Lib 1907 1922
Albert McGregor Prog 1922 1927
William Morton Prog 1927 1932
Lib-Prog 1932 1958
Nelson Shoemaker Lib-Prog 1958 1961
Lib 1961 1969
James Ferguson PC 1969 1981
Charlotte Oleson PC 1981 1990
Denis Rocan PC 1990 1999